He is like a fish in water and I am like a fish out of water

So far this was a week of “firsties”.  Apart from the first Dentist appointment, Dewald also started with his first swimming lessons.  As I watched the kiddies bonding with Zahn, I noticed how they all have grown to be real toddlers.  Remember that some of us were first time mommies together.  These toddlers are now busy with little people things and I can`t help but to feel excited about Dewald learning new skills and expanding his vision.  On the other hand I am also sad thinking of my little boy growing up.  After his swimming lesson I felt worthy and needed, it felt like I really played a very important role in his life.  I know I do, but it just became more true with the swimming.  I am now driving my mommy car to and from all of his activities and I can`t help but to feel that I am now living what I am intended to do.

Today someone told me that we should grow with our kids and it just made so much sense, I have never thought about it like that.  It`s a known fact that the humans`most basic and natural instinct is adaption, but with motherhood it feels like it doesn`t come so naturally.  With this saying in mind I realised that the moment I let go and let Dewald fall asleep in our bed, because nightmares and scariness is now part of our every night ritual, everything just went so much smoother.   Every phase has its own challenges but we will never grow with each phase if we don`t see how our children see, or try to think how they think.  In order for us to rise to a challenge, we have to make the choice to take on the challenge and grow with it.  Yes, it throws your personal space out the window and yes, it tests your patience, but one day they will be all grown-up and will have no need to cuddle with you.  That thought is scary, there is no huddle like a toddler cuddle.







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